5 Simple Foot Exercises for Neuropathy Relief

Neuropathy of the feet is a painful condition and one that can cause a lot of interruptions in your daily routine. Peripheral neuropathy is caused by nerve damage in the body, often the result of type 2 diabetes, which comes with a string of complications. If you have feet neuropathy, then you may experience sensations […]

Taking CoQ10 As A Neuropathy Treatment: Here's What The Studies Tell Us

People who suffer from neuropathy may experience various discomforts, including weakness, numbness, and recurring pain. These symptoms usually occur in the hands and feet, though it can affect other areas of the body. Living with this condition can be painful and uncomfortable. But recent research suggests one possible treatment: CoQ10. Numerous studies point to CoQ10 […]

25 Vitamins and Herbs That Fight Neuropathy, Heal Nerve Damage, and Help Provide Nerve Pain Relief

Neuropathy is an extremely painful condition that is notoriously difficult to treat with conventional medications. Treatments should focus not only on pain relief, but also on regenerating nerves and slowing the progression of the disease to avoid future complications. Fortunately, there are many natural herbs and vitamins that have been found to help relieve neuropathic […]

What Causes Diabetic Nerve Pain?

While medical professionals can guess at what causes diabetic neuropathy pain, it is still unclear exactly what is happening inside the body to bring about this condition. After many years of research and study it has been concluded that this painful situation is the result of blood glucose levels being out of control. According to […]

The Complete List Of Diabetic Nerve Pain Symptoms

Diabetic neuropathy is quite common in people who suffer from diabetes. It is caused by not managing the condition properly over a period of time. Neuropathy is actually a blanket term for a number of different nerve damage conditions experienced by diabetics. Because there are various conditions, and because each individual is unique, the symptoms experienced […]

Does Walking Make Neuropathy Worse? Here's What Several Studies Say About The Effects Exercise For Nerve Damage

Peripheral neuropathy is quite the painful problem for patients of diabetesthose who live with diabetes. The constant tingling and numbing in hands and especially in the feet can make daily life a living hell. Most people take neuropathic supplements to dull minimize the pain. Even though these supplements work, sometimes people still complain about lingering […]

What Makes Neuropathy Flare Up? Top 10 Most Common Causes

What is peripheral neuropathy? In order to understand the cause behind it, you need to understand this condition. In simple words: “Peripheral neuropathy is a problem that targets your peripheral nerves. Messages are sent by your nerves from the brain, the spinal cord, and the central nervous system to the rest of your body. These […]

How To Treat Nerve Pain In Feet Naturally

Our body has countless nerves, which are responsible for sending messages to our brain. When one of these nerves sustains damage, it is no longer able to effectively carry these messages, which means its function is damaged. This is known as neuropathy. Neuropathy comes in many different types. One is known as peripheral neuropathy, which […]

Treatment Options For Neuropathy In Hands

People who suffer from neuropathy in their hands, or peripheral neuropathy, experience a significantly reduced quality of life if they do not receive treatment. Treatment should be directed at the underlying cause of the condition, which also determines how successful it will be. For instance, it is often caused by diabetes, which means the focus […]

Neuropathy Resources: Best Practices for Nerve Pain Management

Here are fifteen of the most high-quality and reputable sources available today on the subjects of peripheral neuropathy and nerve pain management. Find out everything you need to know about neuropathy: what it is, how it is contracted, how it is treated, and what you can do to better manage your chronic nerve pain. Understanding […]

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