Nerve Pain Away Reviews: This As Seen On TV Neuropathy Relief Spray Is Getting Attention, But Does It Live Up To The Hype?

January 26, 2020 by Maria Johnson

DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend Nerve Pain Away because of an increase in customer complaints about the lack of results and small bottle size. Customers are also limited to a 14 day money back guarantee and are forced to agree to an arbitration process upon purchase.

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Two bottles of the neuropathy supplement Nerve Pain Away

As many readers of my blog know, I am a big skeptic when it comes to supplement companies with aggressive marketing and big budgets.

So when I first came across a new product being advertised on TV called Nerve Pain Away, all of my red flags and warning signs immediately went off.

If you're reading this, you've probably seen the TV commercials promising fast and easy relief from neuropathy symptoms and pain.

But before you get excited and go spend your hard earned money, there are some things you need to know about this product and the company behind it...

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Many people suffer from nerve pain due to illness or injury. Diabetics, in particular, are vulnerable due to damage caused by high blood sugar levels. Those damaged nerves send bad signals to body extremities.

Nerve Damage Symptoms

Nerve pain sufferers experience tingling, prickling, or even stabbing bouts of pain when they contact something too hard. Numbness is another side effect; this sometimes interferes with people’s ability to experience pain that lets them know they're injured.

That’s particularly dangerous for diabetics. It could cause them to let an injury linger without treatment because they’re unaware of what’s happened. That could lead to a painful infection and possible hospitalization.

Conventional Treatment Recommendations

The only relief available to most sufferers is some type of OTC medication. Doctors also sometimes prescribe powerful antidepressants or other strong drugs that leave them feeling out of sorts. That puts people at risk of developing a dependency on these medications, putting your overall health and well-being in even further jeopardy.

It's not fair for you to end up worse off just because you want to live without pain and discomfort. That’s why many people look for other options like supplements for neuropathy to incorporate into their daily routine.

What Is Nerve Pain Away?

Nerve Pain Away is a topical spray that promises to help people find some type of reprieve from transient nerve pain in their hands and feet. It’s simple to apply the product. You just point the bottle’s nozzle towards the affected area and spray.

The commercial for the product continuously touts how you can use this whenever you experience any type of pain or discomfort. The text on the website also claims that it works just as well on numbness resulting from nerve damage as it does pain.

Who Makes The Product?

The spray itself is marketed by Top Dog Direct, who states that the spray is produced in the US. The actual manufacturer of the product is not known, but the business is based in Trevose, PA. The company’s president, Bill McAlister, says the company created the spray primarily for the benefit of diabetics. That doesn’t mean the product can’t be used by non-diabetics looking for temporary nerve pain relief.

The company’s also responsible for bringing to market products like Tag Away, which removes skin tags, and Spray Perfect, a quick-dry manicure spray. What the products seen to have in common is the desire to come up with ways to improve the lives of regular people.

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What’s In The Bottle?

The primary ingredient in Nerve Pain Away is Hypericum perforatum, better known as St. John's Wort. It’s been used in natural medicine for centuries, dating back several millennia to the time of the Greeks. That makes it a natural counterpart to the standard pain medication people use for their symptoms.

St. John's Wort is known for its pain relief properties. The Journal of Ethnopharmacology published a study in 2010 highlighting how patients suffering from neuropathic pain could find relief using the plant.  They updated their findings in 2017 to further demonstrate how it could be worked into a pain management plan.

The Nerve Pain Relief formula also contains extracts from five other plant-based ingredients.

Accontium Nepellus

It’s more commonly called wolfsbane. The flower has long been used to help with a number of different ailments, including:

  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Neuralgia
  • Sciatica

Lycopodium Clavatum

You might have heard this referred to as clubmoss. It’s used to help relieve symptoms of dry skin. This contributes to Nerve Pain Away’s ability to not irritate the skin when applied.


This natural element helps cells repair themselves and removes toxins from the body.

Rhus Tosicodendron

Yep, it’s poison ivy. But it’s also a great remedy for arthritis pain. This product turns that quality towards helping relieve nerve pain.

Secale Cornutum

Another great overall natural pain reliever.

Since these plants are used primarily for homeopathic purposes, the overall effects of this combination have not been proven in clinical trials. The National Institute of Health (NIH) warns that certain homeopathic concepts contradict the norms of physics and chemistry.

Should You Try It?

This might be a good option for you if you’re someone who can’t tolerate the side effects of prescription drugs or need immediate relief that can't be found in OTC medication. The natural make-up of the product should appeal to those wishing to limit the intake of chemicals into their bodies.

For those who do depend on other prescription drugs, Nerve Pain Away’s website claims that the chemical make-up should interact safely with any other medications you’re on. The bottle’s size makes it easy to tuck away into your purse or pocket for moments that require quick relief.

The natural makeup of the product is monographed by the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS). That means they’ve designated Nerve Pain Away as an official homeopathic drug and have it documented in their database. The organization keeps track of natural remedies sold here in the United States. Keep in mind that homeopathic treatments have not been scientifically proven to be effective.

Are There Any Harmful Side Effects?

The product's website and commercials claim that people should suffer no side effects from the spray's natural ingredients. They direct a lot of their promotion towards diabetics usually prone to experiencing irritation from topical products.

What Do Customers Reviews Have To Say?

The product has only been available on the market since September 2017. The overall feedback on the product is somewhat limited due to that fact. We’ve gone ahead and gathered up the information we could find from those who’ve tried out the product.

Feedback from some is quite optimistic. They seem pleased by their purchase and feel the product delivers on what’s being advertised. But remember, the company does marketing for a living, so even the most complimentary reviews should be viewed with some skepticism.

Several Amazon customers talked about their positive experience with the product. One user going by the name suad servisevic was particularly impressed. They spoke of their previous experience suffering from muscle pain, exclaiming:

“I couldn't barley[sic] walk for [a] couple [of] months”.

They declared themselves pain-free after trying the product for a few weeks.

Reviewer RL was more succinct, summing up his experience overall as:


Other Amazon reviewers were less enthusiastic. One disappointed customer named Gary felt cheated, stating:

"another[sic] company offering people salvation from pain and neuropathy that does nothing but take your money away.".

Pamela Powers simply stated:

"Stuff doesn't not buy!".

Over on, poster Carol Pryber talked about her improved sleep experience after previously experiencing pain that made it difficult to drift off.

“Sine[sic] I've been using this stuff I've been sleeping like a baby. I really do recommend it.”.

On the other hand, William Dickens did not receive his product and ended up having to contact customer service.

"The guy I talked to told me they did not have my order it order number on file", he declared, angry that he was told it would be another seven to ten days before he received the spray.

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Can I Get My Money Back If It Doesn’t Work?

The product’s web page indicates that everyone gets a 14-day money back guarantee. This is not a good guarantee at all in our opinion.

You also automatically agree to their arbitration process if you order the product from their website.

This arbitration process severely limits any legal remedies available to you if you find yourself in some sort of dispute with the company. Why would a company go through such extremes to protect themselves from being sued? Well, the only thing we can assume is they anticipate lawsuits from customers, so they preemptively protect themselves. Keep in mind, no other supplement company does this.

None of the feedback to date shows anyone having issues with receiving a refund, but it's also not clear how many people actually tried to obtain one, or just wrote their purchase off as a loss.

Where To Buy Nerve Pain Away

You can go straight to the Nerve Pain Away website and place an order. The standard 60-spray bottle costs $19.99. They offer a special to those ordering from the website. You’re eligible to receive a second bottle of the same size for an additional $5.99. Be aware that you’ll be responsible for paying any applicable state sales tax. There’s also a $1.00 web fee.

You also get the option of upgrading to a bottle that’s 50% bigger in size. That increases the cost of your first bottle to $29.99. The cost of the second bottle remains the same, along with the web fee. You receive free shipping regardless of what size gets ordered. 

Several merchants also offer the product for sale on their website. None of those sites give you the option of the larger size, nor are you eligible to receive an additional bottle at a lesser cost. Sites offering the product for sale include Walmart, JC Penny, Amazon, and eBay. It is currently not available at GNC.

Our Final Conclusion: NOT RECOMMENDED!

We always recommend that you consult a physician about any remedy, even an all-natural one. We provided you with a breakdown of the ingredients so that you could have all of the information available about this product at your convenience. Your doctor should be the final arbitrator on whether or not a product is ok for you to use.

The product’s ingredients do not appear to be harmful in the doses included within the product. Then again, the amounts are so small that they might not produce much of a positive effect either.

The product has receives mixed reviews at best based on the limited feedback currently available. That in and of itself should make you really consider whether you want to take a chance on this product.

Rather than waste your money on a temporary solution that only masks the pain, I recommend you try a supplement that has been in business since 2011 helping customers around the world called Nerve Renew.

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