Is Nerve Renew The Best Medicine For Nerve Pain?

Dealing with any kind of pain can be unpleasant but when you are suffering from one that is the result of nerve damage it can be even more disconcerting. Often when you experience this, it can be hard to identify its source or the underlying cause. This makes it difficult to determine exactly what type of treatment will work best at bringing you the relief you need.

The good news is that, while controlling neuropathic pain can be difficult there are effective ways to treat it with supplements like Nerve Renew. Depending on the severity of your discomfort or the type of nerves affected there are lots of medical ways to help you manage your condition better.

A male feeling pain in his neck could use a nerve pain medicine for his pain such as Nerve Renew.

Prescription Painkillers

There are a number of prescription drugs that can help to bring you relief but you must work with your doctor to determine exactly which medication will work best for you. They will take many things into consideration before determining the best choice for you like the cause of the discomfort, its severity, and any possible side effects you may experience.

Anticonvulsants: There are some anticonvulsants that have been found to be very effective in helping patients to gain control of their nerve pain. These drugs have a powerful effect on the entire nervous system and while they cannot stop the painful feeling completely they have proven to be a good option for dulling the uncomfortable sensation that you may be feeling. Those who take anticonvulsants, however, do complain of feeling drowsy, dizzy, and nauseous so keep this in mind before making a decision to try this form of medication.

Antidepressants: Antidepressants are often the first choice by medical professionals in the treatment of the painful sensations caused by nerve damage. There are two types that are more likely to be recommended for diabetic neuropathy.

  1. Tricyclic antidepressants: have been the preferred choice for many who need to manage nerve pain symptoms. However, while they have proven to be very effective in the treatment of the condition, they are known to cause some pretty extreme side effects like dizziness, constipation, blurred vision and upset stomach. For this reason, they are not considered a safe choice for everyone. It is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor about any other medical problems you may have that could lead to complications as a result of these side effects.
  1. SNRIs (Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors): SNRIs are the newest form of nerve pain treatment. They are quickly becoming the more popular choice because they have fewer side effects than the tricyclic antidepressants. For that reason, they are considered safe for people with heart conditions or who have other medical problems in addition to the painful feelings. The caveat, however, is that they are not as effective in bringing neuropathy relief.

In addition, both types of antidepressants have been found to work well with managing chronic pain, which can in turn improve your mood making life a lot more enjoyable.

Topical Treatments: Many are uncomfortable with ingesting drugs of any kind. For these people, the use of topical treatments for relief from nerve pain like Nerve Renew Cream can be very beneficial. Painkilling gels and patches can be applied directly to the region of the skin where the feeling of discomfort is prevalent and they come with minimal side effects. For most people, aside from localized spots of irritation there is little to worry about.

For Severe Symptoms

For those who may suffer from severe nerve pain, there are also opioids that can help bring relief. For many who suffer from extreme cases these opioids work quickly and can be as effective as the anticonvulsants or antidepressants but the risk of dangerous side effects can be very high. These types of drugs are more often used as a last resort and are prescribed only after other treatments have failed to bring lasting results. Side effects from opioids may include constipation, upset stomach, and a high risk of developing a dependence or addiction to the drug. If you are prescribed these drugs, always follow the instructions exactly as they are given to you with no deviation whatsoever.

Combining Treatments

In some cases, the doctor may choose to prescribe a combination of treatments to ensure that your nerve pain is better managed. They may combine several kinds of drugs and treatments together to get the best results. Your doctor may prescribe both anticonvulsants with antidepressants or a painkiller to work in conjunction with a topical treatment. The secret to the success in these cases has to do with finding the right balance between the different drugs.

Whatever the case, the best results when taking medication come with following your doctor’s orders exactly. Before he or she prescribes drugs for your particular type of discomfort , make sure that he is aware of all of the different drugs, supplements, vitamins, and herbs you may already be taking. This can lower your risk of drug or chemical interactions, which can cause even more problems in your system that you may have to deal with later on. If side effects do occur, it’s important that you don’t dismiss them. Discuss them with your doctor so that he or she can adjust your dosage or even make changes in your prescription to help resolve the problem or reduce the impact they may have on your physical condition.

Alternative Treatments Such As Nerve Renew

Because nerve pain is the result of a damaged nervous system, it can occur at any point in the body. Whether your symptom is the result of damage to the sensory nerves, motor nerves, or the autonomic nerves, there are plenty of alternative forms of treatments that in many cases can bring relief from the painful feeling without the use of drugs. For instance, the dietary supplement Nerve Renew contains plenty of vitamins and antioxidants that have been found to be successful in treating neuropathy and other nerve problems and has very few complaints. This supplement has been shown to slow down the progression of neuropathic discomfort, dilate the blood vessels and help to boost the body’s blood supply so you can reduce the unwanted feelings without running the risk of having to cope with nasty side effects.

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