Customer Complaints of the supplement Nerve Renew

Nerve Renew Complaints: Here’s What You Need To Know

Nerve Renew is a natural herb and vitamin based supplement that is widely used to treat neuropathy and its symptoms, such as loss of sensation in limbs, feelings of tinge over different parts of the body, a burning sensation in different parts of the body, and a general issue of chronic pain. The supplement can be extremely helpful for people who are suffering any of the aforementioned neuropathic problems, the different mix of herbs like passion flower extract and Feverfew extract, along with the presence of vitamins like Vitamin B1, Vitamin D, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, help the person using the supplement by subduing most of the pain and making it easier for them to function normally.

The product follows all FDA regulations with its supplement production and also lives up to the Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for supplement manufacturing, so the product in itself is legitimately helpful to its users. Being a customer for Nerve Renew myself, using the supplement for a knee issue with recurring pain, I can say that the product has worked amazingly well and has helped me regain a lot of movement and has helped reduce pain felt while walking. I also feel that a few complaints and queries should be addressed about the product, which I will do now.

Customer Complaints of the supplement Nerve Renew

It Doesn’t Work and It’s Just Snake Oil

One main compliant that I hear a lot about this product is that it does not work much and that it is just a nicely packaged online scam. However personal use showed me that change came over time and that patience and consistency were key to obtaining results with this supplements usage. Furthermore the product is not a wonder cure that will help you without any work being put in by yourself. For joint injuries, like my own, exercise done alongside the supplement use gets faster results. Even on its own, the formula will significantly reduce limb and joint pain after repeated use.

Negative Reactions to The Supplement

Another complaint that is often common is that there was a negative reaction to the supplement and that patients started developing pain in areas where they did not have any pain before using the supplement. Now this is mostly the case for two major reasons, allergies and vitamin over loads. For either situation you should consult your doctor before using the supplement, as you might be allergic to some of the natural extracts that were used in the supplement, or, more likely, you have a neuropathic condition but do not have a vitamin deficiency as well.

Now while in most cases vitamin deficiencies do occur alongside neuropathic conditions, it is not always the case. It is generally a good idea to get your vitamin levels checked before taking any vitamin rich supplements as excess vitamins in the body can lead to extra neuropathic pain that was not previously present. The supplements are primarily made so that they can ease pain cause by vitamin deficiency and will not cause any pain for the patients who have actual vitamin deficiencies.

Some People Had Difficult Canceling Auto Shipments

There was also a few complaints that the product shipment could not be cancelled and that people got the product delivered and then had to pay for it despite them having tried cancelling the order. Well this has a pretty straightforward solution as the company has itself given an optional cancellation deadline. If you do decide to cancel the shipment you have to do it at least a day before the given deadline date as that is the day the shipment leaves after being readied. I can only assume that the people who had tried cancelling the shipment had done it after the deadline day, otherwise they would have been notified that their request has been accepted and the shipment has been cancelled.

Incorrect Shipping Address

There was one complaint about how they had gotten the incorrect address during shipment, as the person had a different billing address and a different shipping address. This was probably a simple mix up and it is not a problem or a regular occurrence with this company. In all likelihood this problem can be solved with a single email explaining the mix up and then have the correct address put in to the shipping address. My own shipments have never been sent to a different addresses and I am sure it is an easily solvable problem.

Issues With Getting Refunds

Finally there were complaints from some people who had not cancelled the shipment before the deadline as they were not refunded a 100% after their shipment had arrived and they tried to return it. While the company does allow for returns and gives a refund on the product itself, you still are not exempted from the shipment charges which still apply as the shipment was not cancelled on time. So if you do return the product then you can expect a refund on it, however the shipment price will still apply.