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Our nerves are perhaps one of the most integral part of our body; nerves are basically bundles of fibers spread across the entire body.

These bundles are responsible for making sure that all the impulses of sensation are transmitted to areas like our brain, spinal cord, as well as to the muscles and organs.

We believe it’s important to point out the fact that over time, the nerves end up getting damaged in one or another. Here are various causes for nerve damage are are listed below.

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Motor neuron diseases
  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Trauma or compression.

Maria Johnson, age 68. Author of Nerve Pain Remedies

The reasons we mentioned above are some of the most common causes behind nerve damage, and while it may sound ludicrous, it’s the exact opposite.

For those who may not have guessed, we are talking about Nerve Renew.

Yes, while it may sound like something that doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, we have to share a large chunk of personal opinion about it.

The product has been known to be very effective and was recommended to me by several of my friends who have had severe nerve problems like neuropathy and other nerve disorders.

A detailed review of the Neuropathy Support Formula

My Friend Experienced Reduced Pain

Basically people have been raving on and on about it, including my friend who is suffering from megaloblastic anemia, which is a disease closely associated with peripheral neuropathy. He has been dealing with the chronic pains for almost a decade but when he started using Nerve Renew with the mentioned dosage, at first changes were minute but within two weeks the relief and the pain had lowered to a considerable extent, we’re talking about someone who was on high dosage of painkillers for the longest time, and is now just using this product to keep the pain at bay.

After using it for a month, the pain relief was quite apparent for him and he is now able to work like he used to back in the prime of his youth, all thanks to the all natural all natural ingredients. Not only that, but now he is using it on regular basis and has stocked up a supply for another 4 months.

So after giving it much thought and still being unsure, I did finally place an order for it and received my package in a timely manner. As I said before, that I did not have a lot of expectations from this product, mostly because when you find such things online you end up with a gimmicky product with lesser chances of success.

I Thought Of Giving It A Try

Even so, after seeing such a drastic change in my friend’s condition I thought of giving it a try, mostly because I have chronic pain because of osteoarthritis, which has hindered my everyday life and I have just about tried every pain relief remedy that I could find ranging from allopathic to homeopathic to even natural remedies but nothing really helped me much in alleviating the pain.

Naturally, after suffering from prolonged pain because of my condition I had given up but there was still a tiny spark of hope left which led me to start using the supplement.

I Noticed Pain Starting To Decrease

Since my condition of neuropathy mainly involves pain in hands and feet, I had a difficult time moving and severity of the pain was too much to handle that I had to always be on pain medication. However, once I got my package I was in desperate need for relief and decided to take the mentioned dosage right on spot, to my surprise I actually felt the pain decreasing a little, that too only after using it for 5 days.

I decided not to get too excited and continued with the dosage and to my utter astonishment only after a week of usage the pain had become minimal and I started doing my everyday chores at the same pace that I used to do and the hindrances in my everyday life reduced a lot.

Although I still have to use my other medication that the doctors prescribed and have to go for my weekly sessions of physiotherapy, but since I started taking the formula as directed I have completely given up on pain medications, except for occasionally taking it. The product has helped me a lot and slowed down the progression of my symptoms.

Other Recent Reviews From Customers

Here are several reviews from previous customers that have similar experiences to mine. I'd like to note that everyone will experience different results. However, as you can see below, many customers experience a decrease in pain and tingling symptoms which is exactly what the product promises.

Robert on June 22, 2018 in his review said he tried Nerve Renew for several weeks and started to notice a reduction in pain and tingling, so he continued using it. He says it finally helped him get good sleep without pain.

Barb on July 2, 2018 said it has been a lifesaver for her. After she stopped taking the product for a bit, she noticed her symptoms coming back and felt more pain in her feet and legs, especially at night. Once she started taking it again, all the pain disappeared.

Evalyn wrote on June 17, 2018 that she is very glad she found Nerve Renew because it helped decrease her nearly unbearable pain. As recommended by her doctor, she increased her ALA intake to 600mg and it made a big difference in her comfort level.

An anonymous reviewer mentioned they were surprised by how quickly the product worked. According to them, they felt results within 4 pills, and after 2 days the tingling and cold feet almost completely disappeared. *These results are not typical however.


To be honest, in the beginning of the treatment, it didn’t really seem like that nerve damage is something that can be fixed to a great extent. Sure, you can take painkillers, and that will subside the pain for you, but the pain is something that will come back in the near future. However, thanks to the supplement, the pain has drastically reduced, tingling is gone and doesn’t come back as frequently.

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