Who Is The Neuropathy Treatment Group and Are They Trustworthy?

A picture of the homepage of the Neuropathy Treatment Group

Founded by Wes Jones in 2010, the Neuropathy Treatment Group is a medical company that mainly specializes in the research and solution of different ways (all natural) to improve the symptoms of all forms of neuropathy. The company’s main and most successful product is Nerve Renew. It is basically a medical supplement that will enable you to find relief from pain as well as improve the symptoms of neuropathy of all forms in order to ensure that the medical condition is under control and does not worsen with time.

When it comes to the treatment of neuropathy, many doctors turn to anti-depressants, over the counter painkillers, electrical stimulations and anti-convulsions. While all these treatments for neuropathy may seem to work effectively, they only last for a short period of time. Moreover, the side effects can sometimes be irritating or unbearable. With Nerve Renew, you will experience minimum to zero side effects as the medical supplement is based on the natural way to improve the symptoms of neuropathy.

They have provided every single detail of their research about the lab tested ingredients of the medical supplement on their website. It shows that the product uses benfotiamine, vitamin D, Methyl B-12 and B6 as well as feverfew extracts, passionflower, oat straw extract and skullcap extract. Each ingredient has its own benefit and purpose, most importantly used to improve the condition of an individual suffering from neuropathy.

A picture of the homepage of the Neuropathy Treatment Group

Online Reviews and Ratings

When you look at their online reviews and rating, you will realize that people are experiencing an improved condition of their symptoms. The company has more than 100 positive testimonials on their website by people all over the world. However, you must note that it will work differently for everyone with neuropathy as the symptoms experienced may vary. For this reason, they do not promise or guarantee complete solutions or a set of subjective improvements to any of their customers, as they are well aware of the fact that the medical supplement will work differently for every individual.

The Manufacturing Process

Their manufacturing process has been approved by FDA as well as is up to the standard according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Having witnessed the procedure of several medical manufacturing companies including the one in question, I believe that this company is legitimate and quite different from the rest. Every batch manufactured is double-checked followed by the final word of a quality control scientist on duty during that time. The sealed medical supplement bottles are then marked off with an honest expiry date so that people are aware of when to stop using the bottle.

Excellent Customer Support

The fact that they have a free 2 week trial and a full one year money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied struck me the most and made me realize that it is not just another medical supplement; there is potential there. Normally scam companies advertise and offer a free trial but often with condition of being provided with your credit card details. This is due to the fact that they are dishonest to their customers and charge them for the product for the next few months. With Nerve Renew, I did not experience any issue similar to a scam company, making me realize that they are there to help people with the condition of neuropathy. When it comes to a full one-year money back guarantee, you must know that no company (medical or not) will offer this to their customers had they not been confident about the usefulness of their product. This alone proves that this medical company is quite different from the rest.

Backed By Clinical Studies

You may not be aware of the fact that the company has had their product backed by at least 20 different clinical studies by institutes and companies including NCBI, National Library of Medicine, Medline Plus and National Institute of Health. The company has conducted their most recent study on actual customers who have been using their product for at least four or more months. 4 out of 5 customers reported to have experienced an improvement in the symptoms and the overall condition of neuropathy.

The Company Is Reputable

The fact that this company is the only medical company to provide a medical supplement like this one that deals well with the symptoms makes them unique. There is no doubt that many medical companies have tried to capture the market by introducing products with the main aim of maximizing the profits only to find themselves unsuccessful. Given that neuropathy is a sensitive and painful condition, you cannot earn people’s trust by providing them with fake promises and medicines. It takes a real medical supplement like nerve renew to gain a huge amount of customers, as backed by the positive online rating and reviews.

Is Nerve Renew A Scam? Let’s Get To The Truth

Customers and people online discussing if Nerve Renew is a scam

For quite some time, there have been several different speculations about Nerve Renew supplement being a scam; it is time to set the record straight. Those people who are suffering from neuropathy will understand the true struggle and pain of the nerve disorder symptoms and effects. While the condition cannot be completely treated, there is a way to control and decrease the intensity of the symptoms. With the help of this supplement, you will be able to reduce the burning sensations pain, stress and numbness as well as strengthen the nerve lining.

About The Company

Nerve Renew is a product of the company Neuropathy Treatment Group that was founded by Wes Jones in 2010. Based on finding new and natural ways to relieve the pain and symptoms of all forms of neuropathy, the company specializes in producing supplements that is recommended by all the top doctors as a treatment for neuropathy.

Customers and people online discussing if Nerve Renew is a scam

Given that there are several fake supplements being sold online, it is essential that you know the different between a typical scam and a genuine real and legitimate supplement and its review. You must note that a scam can be both negative and positive. A positive one will always exaggerate and be dishonest about the effects and results of the supplement to increase and attract customers while a negative one can simply talk about all the bad things about the supplement that are not true just to create bad publicity about the supplement in question. The most common way to tell if a supplement is a scam is to look at its online reviews and the time duration of the increase in the reviews. It is impossible for any supplement product to gain unbelievably high positive reviews in a very short period of time.

Furthermore, many fake companies attract customers by offering free trial given that the customer’s credit card details are provided. These very companies mislead people like you and me to think that we have subscribed for a free trial whereas in reality, the subscription has been charged for a few months with your credit card. The fraudulent companies maximize their profit by increasing their sales and cutting down on their costs. In other words, they make profits at the expense of the quality of the customer service. So you will definitely know that the company selling supplements is scamming you if something sounds off about them including the factors mentioned above.

Our Personal Experience And Results

A picture of happy customers of Neuropathy Support Formula

Having personally tried it I can confidently say that it is far from being a scam. The company has not only survived, but it has strived in the medical industry for quite a few years. Had the company been a ripoff, it would not be able to survive for more than a year at most. They offer a 100 percent money back guarantee for at least a year for people who are not satisfied with their results. This policy is quite rare for a medical company to provide that I have come across. It just adds to their increasing credibility, as they will have to suffer in losses if their product wasn’t legitimate.

They have provided us with honest customers reviews about the product. This not only gives us a clear insight on the experiences and opinions of people who have used the supplement, but it also shows that the company believes in honesty and the true picture of their product. The company has gained an increasing popularity, all with the positive reviews.

Backed By Clinical Studies

If we look at the clinical studies, there is no doubt that the supplement has proved itself by relieving people of pain and lessening the intensity of their neuropathy symptoms. A very recent study was conducted where 450 customers, who have been using Nerve Renew for at least 4 months, were randomly selected and asked to participate in the survey. The results showed that 4 out of 5 customers claimed to have experienced improvements in the neuropathy symptoms. The ingredients have been backed by at least 20 different researches and all of them claim to have positive results. Moreover, they offer free consultation phone services with a specialist to guide you better with the condition.

Final Conclusion and Opinion

However, it is important to note that the results can very with the type and intensity of neuropathy symptoms that you are experiencing. In my opinion, the fact that makes this supplement legitimate is that it does not promise or claim to provide its customers and audience with a complete solution to the condition of neuropathy. Instead, it focuses on controlling and improving the symptoms in addition to providing their customers with the warning that they must not get their hopes up as the supplement works different for every body depending on the type of symptoms one is experiencing.

Nerve Renew Complaints: Here’s What You Need To Know

Customer Complaints of the supplement Nerve Renew

Nerve Renew is a natural herb and vitamin based supplement that is widely used to treat neuropathy and its symptoms, such as loss of sensation in limbs, feelings of tinge over different parts of the body, a burning sensation in different parts of the body, and a general issue of chronic pain. The supplement can be extremely helpful for people who are suffering any of the aforementioned neuropathic problems, the different mix of herbs like passion flower extract and Feverfew extract, along with the presence of vitamins like Vitamin B1, Vitamin D, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, help the person using the supplement by subduing most of the pain and making it easier for them to function normally.

The product follows all FDA regulations with its supplement production and also lives up to the Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for supplement manufacturing, so the product in itself is legitimately helpful to its users. Being a customer for Nerve Renew myself, using the supplement for a knee issue with recurring pain, I can say that the product has worked amazingly well and has helped me regain a lot of movement and has helped reduce pain felt while walking. I also feel that a few complaints and queries should be addressed about the product, which I will do now.

Customer Complaints of the supplement Nerve Renew

It Doesn’t Work and It’s Just Snake Oil

One main compliant that I hear a lot about this product is that it does not work much and that it is just a nicely packaged online scam. However personal use showed me that change came over time and that patience and consistency were key to obtaining results with this supplements usage. Furthermore the product is not a wonder cure that will help you without any work being put in by yourself. For joint injuries, like my own, exercise done alongside the supplement use gets faster results. Even on its own, the formula will significantly reduce limb and joint pain after repeated use.

Negative Reactions to The Supplement

Another complaint that is often common is that there was a negative reaction to the supplement and that patients started developing pain in areas where they did not have any pain before using the supplement. Now this is mostly the case for two major reasons, allergies and vitamin over loads. For either situation you should consult your doctor before using the supplement, as you might be allergic to some of the natural extracts that were used in the supplement, or, more likely, you have a neuropathic condition but do not have a vitamin deficiency as well.

Now while in most cases vitamin deficiencies do occur alongside neuropathic conditions, it is not always the case. It is generally a good idea to get your vitamin levels checked before taking any vitamin rich supplements as excess vitamins in the body can lead to extra neuropathic pain that was not previously present. The supplements are primarily made so that they can ease pain cause by vitamin deficiency and will not cause any pain for the patients who have actual vitamin deficiencies.

Some People Had Difficult Canceling Auto Shipments

There was also a few complaints that the product shipment could not be cancelled and that people got the product delivered and then had to pay for it despite them having tried cancelling the order. Well this has a pretty straightforward solution as the company has itself given an optional cancellation deadline. If you do decide to cancel the shipment you have to do it at least a day before the given deadline date as that is the day the shipment leaves after being readied. I can only assume that the people who had tried cancelling the shipment had done it after the deadline day, otherwise they would have been notified that their request has been accepted and the shipment has been cancelled.

Incorrect Shipping Address

There was one complaint about how they had gotten the incorrect address during shipment, as the person had a different billing address and a different shipping address. This was probably a simple mix up and it is not a problem or a regular occurrence with this company. In all likelihood this problem can be solved with a single email explaining the mix up and then have the correct address put in to the shipping address. My own shipments have never been sent to a different addresses and I am sure it is an easily solvable problem.

Issues With Getting Refunds

Finally there were complaints from some people who had not cancelled the shipment before the deadline as they were not refunded a 100% after their shipment had arrived and they tried to return it. While the company does allow for returns and gives a refund on the product itself, you still are not exempted from the shipment charges which still apply as the shipment was not cancelled on time. So if you do return the product then you can expect a refund on it, however the shipment price will still apply.

Nerve Renew Reviews: Read Real Customer Success Stories

A side angle headshot of Maria Johnson, author of NervePainRemedies.com

Our nerves are perhaps one of the most integral part of our body; nerves are basically bundles of fibers spread across the entire body. These bundles are responsible for making sure that all the impulses of sensation are transmitted to areas like our brain, spinal cord, as well as to the muscles and organs.

We believe it’s important to point out the fact that over time, the nerves end up getting damaged in one or another. There are actually quite a lot of reasons for nerve damage, and some of them are listed below.

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Motor neuron diseases
  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Trauma or compression.

The reasons we mentioned above are some of the most common ones behind nerve damage, and while it may sound ludicrous, it’s the exact opposite. For those who may not have guessed, we are talking about Nerve Renew.

Yes, while it may sound like something that doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, we have to share a large chunk of personal opinion about it. The product has been known to be very effective and was recommended to me by several of my friends who have had severe nerve problems like neuropathy and other nerve disorders.

A detailed review of the Neuropathy Support Formula

My Friend Experienced Reduced Pain

Basically people have been raving on and on about it, including my friend who is suffering from megaloblastic anemia, which is a disease closely associated with peripheral neuropathy. He has been dealing with the chronic pains for almost a decade but when he started using Nerve Renew with the mentioned dosage, at first changes were minute but within two weeks the relief and the pain had lowered to a considerable extent, we’re talking about someone who was on high dosage of painkillers for the longest time, and is now just using this product to keep the pain at bay.

After using it for a month, the pain relief was quite apparent for him and he is now able to work like he used to back in the prime of his youth, all thanks to the all natural all natural ingredients. Not only that, but now he is using it on regular basis and has stocked up a supply for another 4 months.

So after giving it much thought and still being unsure, I did finally place an order for it and received my package in a timely manner. As I said before, that I did not have a lot of expectations from this product, mostly because when you find such things online you end up with a gimmicky product with lesser chances of success.

I Thought Of Giving It A Try

Even so, after seeing such a drastic change in my friend’s condition I thought of giving it a try, mostly because I have chronic pain because of osteoarthritis, which has hindered my everyday life and I have just about tried every pain relief remedy that I could find ranging from allopathic to homeopathic to even natural remedies but nothing really helped me much in alleviating the pain.

Naturally, after suffering from prolonged pain because of my condition I had given up but there was still a tiny spark of hope left which led me to start using the supplement.

 I Noticed Pain Starting To Decrease

Since my condition of neuropathy mainly involves pain in hands and feet, I had a difficult time moving and severity of the pain was too much to handle that I had to always be on pain medication. However, once I got my package I was in desperate need for relief and decided to take the mentioned dosage right on spot, to my surprise I actually felt the pain decreasing a little, that too only after using it for 5 days.

I decided not to get too excited and continued with the dosage and to my utter astonishment only after a week of usage the pain had become minimal and I started doing my everyday chores at the same pace that I used to do and the hindrances in my everyday life reduced a lot.

Although I still have to use my other medication that the doctors prescribed and have to go for my weekly sessions of physiotherapy, but since I started taking the formula as directed I have completely given up on pain medications, except for occasionally taking it. The product has helped me a lot and slowed down the progression of my symptoms.


So, it’s the conclusion time. Well, to be honest, in the beginning of the treatment, it didn’t really seem like that nerve damage is something that can be fixed to a great extent. Sure, you can take painkillers, and that will subside the pain for you, but the pain is something that will come back in the near future.

However, thanks to the supplement, the pain has drastically reduced, and doesn’t come back as frequent.

The Ingredients In Nerve Renew and How They Help Neuropathy Symptoms

Oatstraw is one of the ingredients in Nerve Renew

Nerve Renew is an all natural herbal extract and vitamin supplement with few complaints that is widely used and recommended by many doctors for patients who have neuropathic problems, like tingling or burning sensations in their limbs, joints, or over the torso, recurring chronic pain in different parts of their body, or even loss of sensation in the limbs. The supplement contains several herb extracts and vitamins that help patients tackle issues that come from vitamin deficiencies and help ease neuropathic pain that the person may be feeling. Read on to know more about the different ingredients used in Nerve Renew.

Oatstraw Extract

Oatstraw is one of the ingredients in Nerve Renew

Oatstraw Extract is obtained by cultivating the stems and the leaves of the green part, the unripe area, of the oat vegetation. The Oatstraw extract contains high amounts of vitamins B1, B2, D and E, and also are rich in minerals like calcium and iron. Studies have shown that it can be used to help patients suffering from anxiety. The extract is thought to assist the brain with its cognitive ability and has been considered a supplement that can increase brain power since the middle ages.

Passion Flower Extract

Passion Flower Extract is used primarily as a solution for pain relief in the supplement. Passion flower is widely known for its pain reducing and relieving properties amongst doctors and pharmacologists around the world. While initially used as a regular sedative, it was found to have great pain reducing abilities because of it being rich in alkaloids like harmalol, and harmine, and also has an abundance of flavanoids present. Much research is still being done on this plant and more and more benefits are being found. Currently it is used to treat pains as small as headaches to problems as big as regular chronic pain.

Skullcap Extract

Skullcap extract is mostly used by doctors and pharmacologists to treat and control symptoms of various mental issues and problems caused by stress like insomnia or anxiety, and are also used to treat nervous system disorders like muscle spasms or seizures, can be used for pain relief as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and can even be used to treat people who suffer from diseases like diabetes.

Feverfew Extract

Feverfew is related to daisies and the extract is gotten from the plant. It is an extract that can be used for a wide variety of problems like migraines, chronic pain, inflammation and infections on the skin, asthma and much more. It is also a pain relief agent that can be given to patients to help relieve them of extreme body pains. 

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is extremely important when it comes to treatment of neuropathic problems and anyone who faces any sort of vitamin B1 deficiency can be prone to getting neuropathic problems. The neuropathic problems usually occur with nerve damage and vitamin B1 is necessary for creating myelin sheaths which are the protective layers covering the nerves to stop any form of damage occurring to them and keeping them spaced away from other nerves and not inter-tangling. The most absorbable and effective type of B1 is a fat soluble version called benfotiamine.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is extremely important to the nervous system as well, it is a necessary ingredient in the creation of neurotransmitters which collect information, like sensations and touch, to send to the brain for processing. It is also very important for maintaining amino acid levels in the body and is thought to help cognitive ability too. However this is a vitamin that is not supposed to be used in excess and should only be taken if you have a deficiency.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is known as a vitamin that generally helps the body heal and grow, especially when it comes to development for the nervous system, the brain, and blood cells. It is also necessary for the treatment of many illnesses too. For people who have a vitamin B12 deficiency, feelings of tingling burning and loss of feeling is very common. Using vitamin B12 supplements can make a huge difference to people who do suffer from these feelings, or lack of, in their limbs and extremities.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is widely used to treat people who suffer symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and is a vital element for the growth of our bones and body. Aside from this vitamin D is also an important vitamin that is used for the growth and strengthening of the nervous system and its development over time. If a person suffers from a vitamin D deficiency then they are at risk of having weak and easily damaged nerves.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that is normally created in our body by itself. It does the job of stopping any damage occurring to our cells and prevents toxins from spreading all over our body. If there is a reduced amount of Lipoic acid within the body then sensations of burning or tinges can occur more often and more intensely in patients.