Who Is The Neuropathy Treatment Group and Are They Trustworthy?

November 12, 2017 by Maria Johnson

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Founded by Wes Jones in 2010, the Neuropathy Treatment Group (now known as Life Renew) is a nutraceutical company that mainly specializes in the research and solution of different ways (all natural) to improve the symptoms of all forms of neuropathy.

The company’s main and most successful product is Nerve Renew, formerly known as Neuropathy Support Formula. It is basically a natural supplement that will enable you to find relief from pain as well as improve the symptoms of neuropathy of all forms in order to ensure that the medical condition is under control and does not worsen with time.

Traditional Treatments

When it comes to the treatment of neuropathy, many doctors prescribe anti-depressants, over the counter painkillers, electrical stimulations and anti-convulsions. While all these treatments for neuropathy may seem to provide some relief from symptoms, their effects are only temporary. Even worse, the side effects are often be irritating or unbearable.

With Nerve Renew, you will experience minimum to no serious side effects as the formula is designed in a way to naturally improve the underlying symptoms of neuropathy or nerve damage. On their site, they have provided lots of detail on their research about the lab tested ingredients, manufacturing practices, and related questions of their supplement.

The ingredient label shows that the supplement uses benfotiamine, vitamin D, Methyl B-12 and B6 as well as feverfew extracts, passionflower, oat straw extract and skullcap extract. Each ingredient has its own benefit and purpose, most importantly used to improve the condition of an individual suffering from neuropathy.

A picture of the homepage of the Neuropathy Treatment Group

Online Reviews and Ratings

When you look at their online reviews and rating, you will notice that the majority of customers are experiencing an improved condition of their symptoms. The company has more than 100 positive testimonials on their website written by people from all around the world.

However, you must consider that it will work differently for everyone with neuropathy as the symptoms experienced may vary. For this reason, they do not promise or guarantee complete solutions or a set of subjective improvements to any of their customers, as they are well aware of the fact that the product will bring different benefits and results for every individual.

Better Business Bureau

In addition to several third party ratings, they also maintain an A rating on the Better Business Bureau, a consumer-centric organization that focuses on transparent and trustworthy ratings for businesses online. This site adds extra credibility as the ratings are largely determined by real world customer feedback.

The Manufacturing Process

Their manufacturing process has been approved by FDA as well as is up to the standard according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Having witnessed the procedure of several medical manufacturing companies including the one in question, I believe that this company is legitimate and quite different from the rest.

Every batch manufactured is double-checked followed by the final word of a quality control scientist on duty during that time. The sealed medical supplement bottles are then marked off with an honest expiry date so that people are aware of when to stop using the bottle.

Excellent Customer Support

The fact that they have a free 2 week trial and a full one year money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied struck me the most and made me realize that it is not just another medical supplement; there is potential there.

Normally scam companies advertise and offer a free trial but often without disclosing exactly how your credit card information will be used, or what the billing terms and conditions are. This is due to the fact that they are dishonest to their customers and charge them for the product for the next few months.

With Nerve Renew, I did not experience any issue similar to a fraudulent company, making me realize that they are there to help people with the condition of neuropathy. Instead, they provide all of the information for their subscription service in a transparent fashion, explaining when users will be billed, for how much, and how they can cancel their subscription easily.

When it comes to a full one-year money back guarantee, you must know that no company (medical or not) will offer this to their customers had they not been confident about the usefulness of their product. This alone proves that this medical company is quite different from the rest.

Backed By Clinical Studies

You may not be aware of the fact that the company has had their product backed by at least 20 different clinical studies by institutes and companies including NCBI, National Library of Medicine, Medline Plus and National Institute of Health.

The company has conducted their most recent study on actual customers who have been using their product for at least four or more months. 4 out of 5 customers reported to have experienced an improvement in the symptoms and the overall condition of neuropathy.

Medical Advisory Board

Nerve Renew is the only supplement with a medical advisory board consisting of a doctor who has specialized in regenerative medicine and neuropathy treatment for over 35 years. Dr. Don Kennedy is head of the board and in the video below explains his role and why he chose to ​partner up with Life Renew.

The Company Is Reputable

The fact that this company is the only nutraceutical company to provide a medical supplement like this one that deals well with the symptoms makes them unique. There is no doubt that many medical companies have tried to capture the market by introducing products with the main aim of maximizing the profits only to find themselves unsuccessful.

Given that neuropathy is a sensitive and painful condition, you cannot earn people’s trust by providing them with fake promises and medicines. It takes a real medical supplement like nerve renew to gain a huge amount of customers, as backed by the positive online rating and reviews.

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